K-12 Courses in Documentary Production

In this 3-part course series, learners progress from beginner to advanced, learning new filmmaking concepts and techniques and creating longer, more complex films within each course.

LEVEL 1: Beginner introduces basic concepts of documentary film production and guides learners to create a 60-second film with one simple storyline and one interview subject.

LEVEL 2: Intermediate introduces new concepts and techniques and guides learners to create a 5-minute film with a complex storyline and multiple interview subjects.

LEVEL 3: Advanced introduces pro-level concepts, techniques, and workflows and guides learners to create a 10-minute film with multiple storylines and interview subjects.

Learners receive a completion certificate for each course in which they submit a completed film. Additionally, learners who submit a completed film for all three courses receive a special documentary pro certificate for successful completion of the program.

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