Make Your Own
Documentary Short Films

Guided by an experienced filmmaker, create
a portfolio of inspiring documentary short
films from initial idea to final video!

All of the Happy, None of the Hassle

  • provides a creative outlet & fun weekend projects
  • utilizes technology that's easy, affordable, & mobile
  • connects to personal, academic, & community causes
  • offers anytime/anywhere access, at home or on-the-go
  • teaches foundational skills in modern, short-form media

Start Your Film
Journey with Level 1!

Divided into three courses, our filmmaker program helps
students build a portfolio as they develop skill mastery.

Level 1:
Nature Documentary

1-Minute Film | 4 Weeks


  • Basic Skills
  • Film Principles
  • Simple Storyline
  • Intro to Video Editing

Level 2:
Profile Documentary

2-Minute Film | 6 Weeks


  • Intermediate Skills
  • Film Techniques
  • Complex Storyline
  • Lighting/Audio Setup

Level 3:
Cause Documentary

3-Minute Film | 8 Weeks


  • Advanced Skills
  • Artistic Filmmaking
  • Compound Storyline
  • Research & Fair Use

What's Included?

Video Lessons

Video lessons help students visually understand documentary storytelling and production. (All Levels)

guided exercises

Students are guided step-by-step to create their own documentaries, including samples to follow. (All Levels)

instructor support

Ask a question on any lesson throughout the course, and receive an instructor response within 24 hours. (All Levels)

certificate & film Feature

Students who submit a completed film receive a certificate of achievement and have their films featured online. (All Levels)

feedback & discussion

Students discuss filmmaking with peers, share their work, and receive instructor feedback on their films. (Levels 2-3 Only)

exclusive group access

Advanced students are invited to join an exclusive filmmakers group hosted on a secure platform. (Level 3 Only)

what our students say...

"This course was really fun for my daughter. She learned an incredible amount and would love to keep working on her filmmaking skills."
Emily M.
"The information was presented clearly and made each step seem achievable. I was so impressed with my son's final film!"
Ruth P.
"Thank you so much for all the feedback and help you gave on my documentary film! This course was an awesome experience!"
Ella H.
"April is very passionate about seeing her students reach their full potential. I've already signed up for a second class with her."
Melissa R.
"This class improved my skills greatly, and I like that the aim is creativity. Instructor response time was fast."
matthew T.
"This course stretched and challenged me more than any other! It's taught with enthusiasm, and the material is insightful."
Jesse H.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. All courses are delivered within a secure course platform that’s used within many school districts and features parental access codes (upon request). All interactions are within a private space between students and instructor, and all course content is rated G. Students are also encouraged to watch short documentaries on YouTube, however. Parental guidance is advised for any YouTube content, particularly for students under the age of 13.

NOTE: Students under the age of 18 must be enrolled by a parent or guardian.

No. However, to successfully complete the program, students need prerequisite skills in reading and writing. Also, keep in mind that younger students will need more assistance from parents or guardians throughout the course. For optimal learning outcomes, we recommend ages 10 and up, although readiness is best determined by skill level, maturity, and interest. To determine if your child is ready, please watch the sample video provided above.

Yes. However, this program focuses on principles of filmmaking and storytelling. To concentrate on learning these critical skills, technology requirements are purposely simplified. This program also teaches complete, start-to-finish smartphone production to provide new filmmakers with easy, accessible, on-the-go technology. NOTE: We are only able to provide instructional support for the equipment and software recommended in the course. Support for all other equipment is the responsibility of the student.

All purchases are final. However, we understand that this program may not be for everyone. For this reason, we’ve provided a sample video above for you to view before enrolling. We’re also available via email for questions. In the event of an emergency that prevents your student from completing a course, contact us to reschedule the start date.

Your Instructor

April Denée Brown is a documentary filmmaker located in Charlotte, NC. Founding March Blake Media in 2010, she has produced short documentaries as well as a feature-length film.

April has also taught college-level courses, published news stories, written and directed stage plays, and facilitated script workshops. She holds an MA in English and a BA in Psychology

Our Story

At March Blake Media, we make documentaries that inspire joy and positive action. Since 2010, we’ve provided production services for clients such as Wells Fargo and Knight Foundation.

Our grant-supported feature documentary, “BUSK! – The Heart of Street Performance,” premiered in 2013 and has been viewed over 6,000 times in 90 countries.